Lirone - Weekend

Lirone by Marco Ternovec; Photo: André Wagenzik

20.-22. April 2019 / Easter Weekend

This weekend is meant for players of string instruments who want to play cords or accompany themselves or others.

Lira da gamba/lirone or lira da braccio are the instruments of choice. If you are a viol player and you've been toying with the idea to branch out towards lirone, this is a place to get hands on experience and you might be able to know right away if this is for you. Advanced players can work on their repertoire. The teachers are:

Michael Dollendorf, who has been playing lirone for 2 decades, mostly continuo in opera orchestras or with his group 'tutti i bassi' accompanying singers in 17th century music. Michael is going to do sessions on continuo playing and shaping chords. His lirone is set up with a flater bridge and he usually plays 4-5 notes at a time.

Rika Murata, is a former Student of Wieland Kuijken from Brussels, who has specialized on intabulations of 16th century music. Rika's instruments are set up with a rounder bridge and she plays one, two or three notes together. She does wonderful arrangements of 3-part madrigals.

The venue is the big workshop of Marco Ternovec, viol and lirone builder, in Rehau, Bavaria, Germany. This is a charming little 18th century town close to Hof in Upper-Palatine, about an hour from Regensburg, 90 minutes from Nürnberg or three hours from Berlin or Munich.

We start on Saturday afternoon at 2 pm and finish on Montag after lunch. There are inns, hotels or b&b available.  Please arrange this on your own to suit your needs. We'll try to arrange lunch and dinner for the whole group together.

Rehau, Bavaria, Germany