Baroque Workshops & Summer School

German Baroque Harp by Claus Henry Hüttel - Photo: André Wagenzik

The Baroque Workshop aims to provide a place for advanced amateur and professional singers and players to study glorious Baroque Music.

Our Baroque orchestral workshops focus on music that doesn't ask for virtuosic soloists but for attentive ensemble players. The repertoire ranges from Jean-Baptiste Lully to Georg Muffat, from Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, from Henry Purcell to George Frideric Handel.

The music will be available 3-4 weeks in advance so you can prepare your part. We shall work from 17th or 18th century prints or modern editions. Most of the time we'll use the modern neo-baroque pitch of 415 Hz, since most wind players will have such instruments.

We'll also run Baroque Workshop Lab weekends dedicated to chamber music. Here we'll try to match the historical facts as close as possible and try to get it right in regards to pitch, tuning, temperament, articulation etc.

Always in the third week of August we have the Baroque Workshop Summer School in Wolfenbüttel. A unique chance to study a special repertoire with the masters. The next one will take place 12-19 August 2023 'French style - Versailles and its influence on Europe'.