Barbara Strozzi & Michael Dollendorf - Photo: André Wagenzik
Mom & Dad
Bass baritone with possibilities. Range: D (lower in the morning) to g' and higher...

My voice certainly is based on biology and the physical facts of my existence. I always had a lot of fun singing and there were five teachers to whom I'm eternally grateful for the work they did with me.

The first was Norma Gentile, who had just come back from studying in Spain for some years and who gave me my first real voice lessons when I was a music student in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She helped me to explore and experiment freely and that's what a man in his early twenties needs. The voice is just not settled and it would be to early to put it into a frame.

In 1986/87 I lived in Cologne, Germany, for a year and had lessons with Lia Montoya Palmen, a Colombian soprano, who gave me a good technical rub-down. This was a singers stage school and she was teaching a lot of opera people. Often I didn't see the point, but in a long run I gained a lot from this exposure to the opera world.

Around the same time came Max van Egmond, who also became one of my closest friends. Max taught me what he excelled in: language first, precise diction and the love for clear articulation. And he, being totally centred in the Music of J.S. Bach, was a great listener and critic for my medieval repertoire and my first programs with self accompanied music.

And now it is Torsten Baireuther in Berlin. His work has nothing to do with music any more. It's more like the daily Qi Gong routine I do. With a few movements and adjustments here and there this machine we call our body can function properly and all those hindrances that make it difficult for the voice to ring freely are gone. Call me for his number...

Rebecca Stewart I met at her workshops. And I hope that I'll be able to work with her more in the years to come. Her production is unique and I started to make little changes here and there and things are growing on me. Many thanks to the white witch!

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