Continuo Playing on Theorbo, Lute and Baroque Guitar with Lukas Henning

French Theorbo - Photo: Wolfgang Emmerich

30 November - 1 December 2019

Basso Continuo Workshop with English music by John Blow & Henry Purcell

After the Restauration under Charles II the theatre offered many opportunities for invention and composers like Blow (1649-1708) and Purcell (1659-95) were involved with it. Players of  lutes, theorbos and Baroque guitars are welcome.

The royal family had spend the years in exile in the Low Countries and in France and brought with them musicians and instruments from these areas. The latest inventions like French woodwind instruments and double-headed 12-course lutes became popular right away.

The orchestra was build from violins and viols of all sizes, theorbos, guitars, flutes, recorders, oboes and bassoons. For court entertainments the musicians played in the palaces, the gardens and for opera performances. We have selected a suite from the 'Fairy Queen' by Purcell and theatre music by John Blow.


Parallel to this workshop with Lukas Henning there is a workshop for woodwind and string players. In the afternoons we join forces and play this wonderfull music together.

We work at the modern neo-baroque standard pitch of 415 Hz, since most players will have instruments at this pitch, even though it is quite different from French/English pitch. In Versailles the chamber-pitch was around 400 Hz and the opera-pitch somewhat below 390 Hz. French woodwind makers who came to work in England, like Peter Bressan, made their instruments at these pitches or just a little higher.


Lukas Henning studied at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, a leading research and teaching institution on the field of historically informed performance practice, where he received his Master of Arts - degree in 2016. He specialises on the Lute and Theorbo, which he studied under Hopkinson Smith. He received additional teaching from various influential scholars and performers, such as Crawford Young, Jesper Christensen or Anthony Rooley. Since 2011 Lukas Henning has been performing throughout central and northern Europe.

He created me:mo, a website for art & music with regular episodes on Renaissance lute music.


The lute workshops start on Friday night with a mini-recital by Lukas Henning. Guest s are welcome. A donation equal to a normal concert ticket is asked for. Please send an e-mail if you plan to come. No walk ins!


Prinzenallee 58 / 2.Hof 13359 Berlin
Continuo Playing on Theorbo, Lute and Baroque Guitar with Lukas Henning | Michael Dollendorf - Early Music


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