Orlande de Lassus - Psalmi Davidis poenitentiales

Photo: André Wagenzik

4/5 March 2023

The 'Psalmi Davidis poenitentiales ' of 1584 by Lassus are a highlight of sacred music. The poetry, also called Psalms of Confession, has been translated by the greatest poets and has been set to music by the greatest composers:

    Psalm 6 – Domine ne in furore tuo (Pro octava)
    Psalm 32 – Beati quorum remissae sunt iniquitates
    Psalm 38 – Domine ne in furore tuo (In rememorationem de sabbato)
    Psalm 51 – Miserere mei Deus
    Psalm 102 – Domine exaudi orationem meam et clamor meus ad te veniat
    Psalm 130 – De profundis clamavi
    Psalm 143 – Domine exaudi orationem meam auribus percipe obsecrationem meam
    Psalm 148 - Laudate Dominum

Lassus's musical establishment in Munich was well known for its quality, but also for it's size - a great number of singers and players of all sorts of instruments performed together. The favous picture  by Hans Mielich gives us a good impression.

Though in the Holy Week normally instruments would have been silent, we want to go down the Munich road for this project. The music is so wonderful that many should be able to share this experience.

This workshop is open to all singers and players of all instruments, hoping to re-create the sounds of Lassus's Munich.  This time we are working on 6, 38 and 102.

Orlande de Lassus - Psalmi Davidis poenitentiales | Michael Dollendorf - tidig musik


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