You are booked into the workshop once you've sent us your registration form and transferred the money!

Deadline: 4 weeks before the workshop! For the Summer School the deadline is 15 June 2024!

Please register early so we can plan the music and assign parts. The number of participants is limited. For the Summer School we admit just six players per teacher. Once a class is full we keep a very short waiting list. If you have to cancel, you can do so until four weeks before the class and you'll get your money back. A cancellation for the Summer School is possible just until 15 June. If you need to cancel later, this is just possible if there is somebody on the waiting list or you can send a friend to take your spot.


The Weekends are € 180, the Summer School is € 630 for 8 days.

Places to stay in Berlin

Berlin has everything to offer from a simple guest house to a fancy hotel. If you check on the internet look in the postal code areas 10551, 10555, 10557 to be close by.



We are using mostly the editions of Clemens Goldberg. Those can be downloaded from the Goldberg-Stifung website. You can print it with the original or with modern clefs. Please bring the music you can reed best – printed, prepared, bound in a way to avoid page turns, pages and bars counted and numbered etc. Be prepaired !!!
Also we'll be using the editions of Bernhard Thomas, LondonProMusica. There is a special price for a complete series. This year the most interesting are 'ricercate e passagi'  and the complete instrumental music by Andrea & Giovanni Gabrieli.

If there is no edition, we send the music 3 weeks before the class.


Important! Everybody needs to bring a music stand - most of all the singers! Nobody can breathe and sing properly while holding on to something!


We are using various venues, which are announced with the class. The Summer School in Wolfenbüttel takes place at the Prinzenpalais.


Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. There will be a lunch break of 90 minutes.

Baroque Workshop
Renaissance Workshop
Medieval Workshop

c/o Michael Dollendorf
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