Renaissance Lute Workshop with Lukas Henning

Renaissance Lute by Bob van de Kerckhove - Photo: André Wagenzik

25-26 January 2020

The  Renaissance was the Golden Age of polyphonic music and the lute was its signature instrument. Therefore it comes hardly as a surprise that most lute music is of vocal origin: madrigals for four voices, motetts and masses were set in tabulature. Even the most idomatic lute settings of fantasies and dances borough havily on the ideas of sung polyphonie.

This workshop offers the opportunity to explore a voice-like style of playing, which was regared ideal among 16th century musicians. This includes the basic ideas of the art of intabultion which makes it possible to turn every polyphonic song into a lute piece. We'll focus on playing techniques that allow us to create a voice-like sound on a plucked instrument. This enables us to have a fresh encounter with fantasies and dances and hear them with the ears of the composer.


Lukas Henning studied at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, a leading research and teaching institution on the field of historically informed performance practice, where he received his Master of Arts - degree in 2016. He specialises on the Lute and Theorbo, which he studied under Hopkinson Smith. He received additional teaching from various influential scholars and performers, such as Crawford Young, Jesper Christensen or Anthony Rooley. Since 2011 Lukas Henning has been performing throughout central and northern Europe.

He created me:mo, a website for art & music with regular episodes on Renaissance lute music. Earlier this year his first solo album was released: 'Bella incognita - The imagination of Marco dall' Aquilla'.


The lute workshops start on Friday night with a mini-recital by Lukas Henning and a get together afterwards. There can be up to 10 active participants and the teaching is done as an open class. You also can participate as a listener only at no discount. Also for the Friday night concert guest s are welcome but are asked for a donation.

Lukas is providing a 'reader' for each workshop. This collection of music will be send to the participants upon registration. You can play pieces from this reader or bring your own favorite pieces. All players of Renaissance lutes are welcome.