A la dolc' ombra - Renaissance Recorder Consort

Renaissance Recorder Consort by Klaus Scheele - Photo: Bence Berei

21/22 April 2018

Italian Madrigals and Canzonas, improvisation and ornamentation for recorder consort

We'll be working with original vocal pieces to build up a consort sound and then work on the principals of ornamentation and diminution. This class is open to all recorder players who want to play in concort and who are able to play larger size instruments. The most important size it the tenor recorder. A typical setting would be g'-c'-c'-c'-f but with our large consort, we can also take it down an octave to play at 8' pitch.

Good editions you find at LondonProMusica with 'ricercate e passagi'.
Look at volumes 12, 20, 21 for this workshop.
The entire series is available for a special price of ₤ 95.

further reading:

George Houle “Doulce memoire – a study in performance practice”. Indiana University Press 1990
Diego Ortiz 'Trattado de Glosas' bzw. 'El Primo Libro' Roma 1553`. Facsimile at SPES, Firenze, modern Edition at Bärenreiter

Very good but very expensive (look it up at the library):
Richard Erig 'Italienischer Diminutionen', Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Amadeus Verlag.