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zaterdag, augustus 8, 2020

Renaissance Workshop Summer School 2020

Renaissance flute by Barbara Stanley - Photo: André Wagenzik

French Prints 1520-1610 from Lyon, Paris and Antwerp

We shall focus on the 'Musicque de Joye' published by Jacques Moderne in Lyon, on Consort-Music by Attaignant for flute or recorders, on the Fantasies by Eustache de Caurroy for 3-6 parts and on the wonderful lute music from the period.

Amanda Markwick - Renaissance flute consort

Michael Dollendorf - Renaissance recorder consort

Johanna Carter - Renaissance viol consort

Lukas Henning - Renaissance lutes

zondag, augustus 16, 2020

Baroque Workshop Summer School 2020

French Theorbo by Wolfgang Emmerich - Photo: Wolfgang Emmerich




La Musique de la Chambre du Roi - Music in Versailles before 1715

Michael Dollendorf - Baroque Flute, Voice Flute

Juliane Laake - Viola da Gamba , Dessus de viole

Knut Trautvetter - Theobo, Baroque Guitar

Pieter Dirksen - Harpsichord

zaterdag, september 12, 2020

Singing Medieval - how does it work? Workshop with Maria Jonas

Organistrum by Kurt Reichmann - Photo: André Wagenzik

Weekend Workshop in Berlin
Saturday/Sunday 10am-5pm

zaterdag, januari 30, 2021

Phrasing French Baroque Guitar Music with Izhar Elias

Baroque Guitar by Dieter Schossig - Photo: Silke Schossig

Weekend Workshop in Berlin
Saturday/Sunday 10am-5pm

Michael Batell's workshop/gallery
Mariannenplatz 22 - 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg