Singing Medieval - how does it work?

Organistrum by Kurt Reichmann - Photo: André Wagenzik

12/13 September 2020

Vocal workshop with Maria Jonas.

How did people sing in the Middle Ages? What do we know? Not a great deal if we are honest...close to nothing actually! But still my life's work is dedicated to this period and I call myself not just a singer but a Trobairitz - a finder, an inventor.

In order to reconstruct Medieval song we have to relay on finding melodies since not all have been written down - the contrary being closer to the truth. Just in case of Hildegard von Bingen we are lucky. Many pieces we can find in the „Riesencodex“ and in „Dendermonde Codex“.

This weekend we'll spend with the art of singing within Hildegard's nunnery, including the singing of Psalms. Previous knowledge is not required but choir experience and singing as a soloist are welcome. The most important thing is to be curios for a new sound experience.