CODEX FAENZA for instruments

Gothic harp - Photo: André Wagenzik

14-15 July 2018

Codex Faenza is a manuscript from about 1430 - 1440. Largely virtuosic instrumental paraphrases of Italian and French late 14th century music.

The score doesn't give any information what kind of instrument it  was intended for. It fits very well on a harp or a keyboard instrument. It could be played by two lutes or a combination of plucked and bowed string instruments, even though there were no large viols around at that time in Italy to take over the lower part.

We will also look at the vocal originals and study how the Faenza version was created.

Written for instruments with a range from B – f“ such as a Gothic organ, a clavicytherium or a clavichord, also players of Gothic harps and early lutes and viols are welcome.